Interview Techniques

Interview Techniques

Tips for a successful Interview Some Experts say that “An Interview is nothing but a short duration interaction based on which the two individuals decide to form relationship or not so, It becomes mandatory for an Interviewee to plan, prepare and give his best to the Interview The First impression and first few minutes of interaction decides the direction for […]

Common Questions

Common Interview Questions

Question 1: Tell me about yourself. TRAPS: Beware, about 80% of all interviews begin with this “innocent” question. Many candidates, unprepared for the question, skewer themselves by rambling, recapping their life story, delving into ancient work history or personal matters. Start your introduction with the present (i.e reverse chronological order) and then tell why you are well qualified for the […]

Going for Interviews

Going for interviews

It is said that “The resume gets the interview and the interview gets the job.” Therefore, successfully managing an interview is the key to getting any job. It’s the interview by means of which employers get to closely observe you and know your personality style and skills to assess if you would be a “fit” with a company. Different purposes […]

Fortune 500 Company

Case Study: Offshore Unit of a Fortune 500 company

Position 1: ODC Head Situation and Challenge The client approached us with an urgent requirement to fill up some key positions. We signed up a search mandate with the client at zero retainer ship fee and on success-based model for the following positions. The positions had to be closed within ten days. The challenge was that the client had also […]

US Cients

Client: US based IT product company

Positions: Corporate Sales Manager, Inside/Internal Sales Managers, HR Manager, and Account Manager Etc. How we dealt/delivered We signed up an MOU with the CEO of the company. We had a couple of Interactions with him to understand the organization culture, business model, hiring parameters, job KRA, and competitors etc. We were able to quickly create the job description and provide […]

US Bank

Client: Captive KPO, Analytics Unit of a US Bank

Our client is one of the most respected banks in the US and they hire only the Best. The hiring process involves 4 rounds of interviews including Analytical ability test, Case interview, Managerial Round and HR round. They requirement is people with very high analytical and logical reasoning ability and, needless to mention, excellent communication skills. Our client had experience […]


Start up unit Bio Pharmaceutical Company

One of our esteemed Clients approached us to work on six Senior Management (COO, CBO, CFO,Global Head QA, CHRO, Head Manufacturing etc.) positions and about twelve lateral hiring positions on exclusivity for their start Business unit on Biotechnology. They tried for around six months to close the positions with internal sourcing, industry references and through Global Executive Search companies before […]


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