Our portfolio of services now includes Contract staffing, Payroll outsourcing, and Senior Management (advisory roles on contracts).

In Contract staffing our strength lies in attracting & recruiting the right talent in short notice and smooth & hassle free on-boarding process. We have a dedicated team of recruiters for Contract staffing only.

We assist our clients with Contract staffing services for candidates at all levels most cost effectively and with complete statutory Compliances

Model 1

Flat Fee model for specific role and position, when client is aware of market salaries and has budgeted the position.

Model 2

Management Fee and Top UP – this is best suited for Niche positions client wants to recruit the best fit and have a more transparent business arrangement with us

Model 3

Client has a pool of people but would want to keep them on third party payroll for short term project requirement.

In all the above model , we all the client has the right to hire our employee provided we have been compensated for the efforts

Our focus areas for Contract Staffing & Consulting are

  • Software Professionals – ERP, Developers, System Administrators, Server Administrators, Networking and IT security professionals, Project Managers, Production support etc.
  • Support Functions – Recruiters, HR, Admin, and Finance personnel.
  • Senior Management, Subject Matter Experts, CFOs, CHROs, Mentors & Executive coaches – mainly for short terms consulting projects to support the organization to meet business goals, to set up new process, assessment etc. These are primarily high cost resource that can be utilized for their Industry and Functional expertise.

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