US Bank

Our client is one of the most respected banks in the US and they hire only the Best. The hiring process involves 4 rounds of interviews including Analytical ability test, Case interview, Managerial Round and HR round. They requirement is people with very high analytical and logical reasoning ability and, needless to mention, excellent communication skills.
Our client had experience of working with Top Notch names in the recruitment Industry and have always felt some kind of disconnect with their quality of service and was getting a poor hit ratio i.e. very few offers from many candidates..Candidate proposed to selection ratio.


Our client gave us the first mandate over the phone and we were able to close the same from the 1st Batch of 5 resume proposed. After this we were trusted with mandates to source and test screen candidates for positions of Business analyst, Data analyst across India.

Since then we have meeting the expectations of Client and now we have a four year service agreement with them, we have a satisfied client for life