Executive Search/ Retained Search


As a premier executive recruiting firm for top notch companies, Intelli Search provides candidates with unparalleled reach across industry sectors and throughout the country. Our practice groups are home to some of the most talented, dedicated, and professional executive recruiters in the industry, many of whom began their career within the sectors they now serve.

Clients seek our specialist proactive, research-based executive search services for strategic appointments including the functional heads of finance, marketing, sales, information, operations, research and development, and human resources.

Our executive searches are multi-faceted, encompassing traditional research, data mining, Internet sourcing, referrals and direct contacts. Our methodology combined with the experience and judgment of our consultants ensures high-quality screening and evaluation and finally yields the most successful candidates.

Since inception, we have successfully completed various assignments from ‘C’ level to VP level for medium to Fortune 500 companies in India and abroad. We are proud to say that Top Managers placed by us having worked with our clients for over 5 year and many are still continuing with broader responsibilities. In comparison to Global executive search companies, we offer a quick TAT and cost effective commercial depending upon the mandate and client expectations.

Permanent Hiring


Intelli Search provides permanent recruitment services to over 50+ clients from various industry segments. We provide an unparalleled range of services, supported by detailed industry knowledge and an extensive network of contacts. In an ever evolving market, our success derives from professional recruitment techniques combined with a true understanding of our client’s technical and commercial needs.

Intelli Search is dedicated to developing and maintaining relationships between prospective candidates and employers. Our search and selection methodology ensures that we source candidates both passive and aggressive, and serve as the bridge that connects them to the clients that we represent.

Outsourced Recruitment/International Search Assignments


Recruitment is a cost incurring process in an organization in terms of money and time. Therefore, some employers adopt the RPO form of business process outsourcing where they outsource or transfer all or part of their recruitment activities to an external service provider. This process not only reduces the cost but also streamlines the process. Being in Outsourced Recruitment has given us an exposure to different corporate experiences and has thus helped us in enhancing our skill set and expertise.

Why we succeed?

  • Domain knowledge
  • Creating client brand among candidates
  • Counseling candidates
  • Trained professional / experienced recruiters

Our Model

We assume ownership of a part of Company’s internal recruitment function or all of its recruitment related activities as agreed & defined by the client.

We manage the entire recruiting/hiring process from job profiling through the on-boarding of the new hires, including staff, technology, methods, and reporting.

Our Approach

RPO seems to be a major decision, affecting the business and recruitment process, within the organization and sometimes projected/understood as a complicated process.

We strictly believe in making things simpler. Still complying with the industry standards and meeting all client expectations without affecting the ongoing process & we offer them benefits in terms of cost, speed, and other value added services.

Benefits to the organization

Cost Control

We improve company’s time to hire, provide verifiable metrics, reduce cost, and improve governmental compliance. The hiring cost and effort is reduced by around 30% to 60%.

Reduced Burden

We take the responsibility and relieve the companies of the burden of tough hiring segments. Organizations can concentrate on the strategic functions and processes of human resource management.


The RPO model enables the companies to increase or decrease recruitment operations quickly and effectively to fit changing business needs.

Talent Quality

We help the companies obtain higher levels of talent and increase the quality of the candidate pool.