Understanding Industry and Client Needs

We understand the specific requirements of the clients is the foundation based on which the solution can be tailored specific to their needs. We are detail-oriented and capture all relevant details into our Resource Requirement Form after a lot of probing in all areas such as job purpose, skill sets required, client’s work culture, industry requirements, and performance expectations.

Approach Methodology

Position Specification

After carefully assessing the client’s needs, we then prepare the Position Specifications to get a confirmation. The search plan is then initiated. Sourcing and identifying the right people We understand the importance of a fully integrated and effective HR Strategy and set all our work within the strategic context. Based upon the requirement, we decide our sourcing options. A lot of effort goes into this activity as we so that we can identify the candidates as per the requirement specifications of the Client. We never hesitate to walk an extra mile to get the right people.

Interviews and Evaluation

We interview candidates to match their career aspirations, strengths and capabilities against the position specifications. Confidential reference checks are also made to validate the recommendations and discover key information. Once we are satisfied, we arrange for the direct interface of the shortlisted candidates with the client for the final selection process. Only candidates best suited for the position are presented to the client for interviews.

Final Selection by the client

After the client makes a final selection, the last stage involves offer negotiation to ensure an acceptance decision and makes sure it lives through the joining processes.