One of our esteemed Clients approached us to work on six Senior Management (COO, CBO, CFO,Global Head QA, CHRO, Head Manufacturing etc.) positions and about twelve lateral hiring positions on exclusivity for their start Business unit on Biotechnology. They tried for around six months to close the positions with internal sourcing, industry references and through Global Executive Search companies before they finally approached us. We understand that the need and hiring culture & process of every client is different and we customized our RPOmodel accordingly.

Pharmaceutical Company

How we did it:

  • We deputed our Principal Consultant at the Client’s corporate office for four days.
  • The Principal Consultant met the Top Management team and various stakeholders to get inputs on the role and responsibilities for all open positions.
  • The Client shared their hiring plan, available position specifications, and information/data on their earlier sourcing and selection efforts.
  • The Principal Consultant then prepared positions specifications, sourcing strategy and designated the Team at Intelli Search to source the best-fit candidates across the globe.
  • After thorough evaluation, background verification, and counseling of the suitable candidates, we proposed 5-7 most suitable candidates for each position out of which almost 70% of the profiles were shortlisted by the hiring manager.
  • Since all the positions were critical, the top management had to do multiple rounds of interviews. The selection process took around six months and we supported them constantly throughout.
  • We kept the sourcing process active simultaneously based on revised inputs from the client.
  • We successfully completed 60% of the positions. The rest of them i.e.40% of the positions were put on hold by the client.
  • At the closure of the hiring process on RPO Model, we successfully closed all the active positions. It was a seamless process and the client was highly satisfied because they not only had the best-fit for their requirement but they also saved at-least 25% on the consultancy fee.