Interview Techniques

Tips for a successful Interview

Some Experts say that “An Interview is nothing but a short duration interaction based on which the two individuals decide to form relationship or not so, It becomes mandatory for an Interviewee to plan, prepare and give his best to the Interview The First impression and first few minutes of interaction decides the direction for Further discussion”

It is very important that the Interviewee is well dressed (perfectly Formal) & well groomed

Interview FAQ:

  1. Self Introduction
    Should be well planed and should cover education, experience, personality traits, extra curricular activities, strength (Keep it short, focused and simple but well organized)Please try to keen your introduction focused towards your professional self
  2. About Experience
    Give details of your company ,Achievements, learning, responsibilities, etc Speak good about your previous organization, superiors and team member
  3. Why are you looking for change?
    Some of acceptable answer are for need a better role, greater challenges, stable organization, learning etc
  4. What do you know about our company and the job description
    Please study the Company their website , Job Position , Challenges, Competition , Solutions, Strategies well before going for the interview
  5. What is the value that you would bring to our organization?
  6. What are your strengths and weakness?
  7. Where do you see your self 2 years from now and then in 5 years ?
  8. What is your career plan?

DO’s and Don’t in an interview:


  1. Do not over sell yourself or over commit as you will have to perform /deliver after you join. The panel is aware of what is achievable and feasible.
  2. Do not lie or giving any misleading facts about any of your credentials etc.,

Because most of clients do a complete reference check and some have even hired external agencies that are experts in doing the same. The company reserve the right to fire a person immediately or with draw the offer letter if they find that the candidate have given false information.


  1. Take good-quality copies of your resume on a nice grade of paper. Take more copies than you will possibly need – just in case. Store the copies in a folder where they will stay clean and unwrinkled
  2. Prepare questions for the interview. Your research on the company and position should lead you to questions for starts.
  3. Be prepared to discuss past projects. Review the most relevant for that is where the focus of discussion might be.
  4. Make good eye contact.
  5. Listen carefully and wait your turn to speak. Make sure you understand a question before you attempt to answer it
  6. Always tell the truth on applications and in an interview.
  7. Ask what will happen next with respect to your application for the position.
  8. Satisfy any request for additional information within 24 hours. Your ability to follow-up is very much part of the test, and not outside it.
  9. Follow up diligently with your staffing agency’s recruiter or client account manager. It is their job to meet their client’s needs, and they could use your help in making sure the follow-up is done right.