Fortune 500 Company

Position 1: ODC Head

Situation and Challenge

The client approached us with an urgent requirement to fill up some key positions. We signed up a search mandate with the client at zero retainer ship fee and on success-based model for the following positions. The positions had to be closed within ten days. The challenge was that the client had also given a mandate to one the India’s top search and recruitment firm for the same.

Fortune 500 Company

How we dealt/delivered

With our Industry experience we were able to quickly run through our active list of relevant candidates. We identified over 20 prospects matching up close to the given position specifications. After evaluation we proposed only three candidates and all three of them were shortlisted.
The client found two of the candidates as equally deserving. To help our client chose the best, we went the extra mile and voluntarily did a confidential reference through our network in the industry. Our confidential reference check revealed that one of the shortlisted candidates was not competent enough to handle operations that size. In all transparency, we shared the feedback with the client. Based on that, they made an offer to the other candidates whose reference was found good and relevant. He still continues to work with them and has also been promoted three times since then.
We not only closed the position within time but were also successful to satisfy both the client and the candidate.
We went one step ahead to do the confidential reference check and worked as per our conviction that no deal/ contract is bigger than our reputation and that we will not break the trust of our clients.

Position 2: Program Manager- Software application support

We proposed five candidates out of which one was selected. He still continues to work with the same organization and is currently holding the position of Director Software for Asia Pacific.

Position 3: Operations Manager- for Insurance Process

Out of the eight candidates we proposed, one was selected.

Our team was able to prove our ability by delivering to the client’s specifications and requirements. We look forward to continuing our relationship with ODC in the future.